Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Only 10 days .....

.... to the year of Rooster!! :0

Macam got a lot of things not yet done~~

How about you? What have you done and have not done for CNY?

Whatever it is, just keep calm and smile my Toby boy here, good luck will come naturally 😙

Like the Chinese says, 'xiao kou chang kai hao yun zi ran lai'
笑口常开好运自然来 ^^

Got to go first, will try to blog properly soon!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Aden goes to kindergarten

This is my first post of 2017! Hope still ok to wish all my readers a happy new year!! 😃

After a year of honeymoon, my Aden boy is officially in kindergarten now ;)

I love their uniform, who says pink is only for girls?? xD

First day to school, he was behaving ok (except that he wants me to by his side all the time =_=)

Getting his name tag from his teacher

I enrolled him to the afternoon class, though I still think morning session would be better for me (in terms of sending and picking), but morning class will be a bit tiring for him I guess as he needs to wake up around 7 something...

First week is orientation week so they engaged mostly in singing and dancing....

... also some exercises.....

... and story telling by the teacher

... as well as playing toys...

There will be a few minutes of snack break every day

Teaching them to queue up properly before leaving the classroom.
First few days were kinda messy, all kids playing and running around >.<
Can imagine how the teacher feels looking after 26 kids at the same time haha! I alone jaga 2 kids also nearly faint already LOL!

For the first week, I was there accompanying him. They only attend the school for 2 hours for the first week. This week onwards will be 4 hours.

Yesterday, I was there for about half an hour and when I told him I was leaving, he cried, refused to let me go. 
In the end I still left, I heard him crying. But I have to be firm, I know I can't accompany him everyday.
He looks fine when I pick him up, teacher said he was ok when I wasn't around... 

I know it will be a challenge sending him to school for the time being, as he is still quite clingy to me, it takes times for him to mingle around people, but have to train him to learn to be independent. 
I hope things will go on smoothly after this, gambateh my boy! You can do it!

p/s: my mum said I cried everyday for the first month when I started kindergarten, I hope Aden won't be like me, hahaha!! 😅

Friday, December 30, 2016

Last post of 2016

Only 2 more days to welcome the new year, like it or not, still have to embrace it!

Don't think I will write anymore in these 2 days so this is gonna be the last post of 2016 in Hayley & Herself's blog ;)

But first, let's see what I did during Christmas this year.

Went down South to KL with the whole in laws family and met up with my second BIL and SIL there.
Just in time for me to see some nice Christmas decorations.

Actually main purpose is to buy Aden's school necessities and to shop for CNY

Actually the happiest is the kids la! Hungry, we'll feed them. Tired, just whine and cry and got people carry already. Spot something they wanna buy? Just go to gung gung and they will get what they want. Nice to be kids kan? xD

This is the last family trip this year, looking for more trips like this next year!

Here, I would like to thank all of you who come to read and comment and supported me all this while! Sorry for not being able to blog hop so frequently, time is really not enough for me, also not so much energy to stay up late often hur hur~~

I do have a few things in mind which I hope to achieve in the coming new year, hmm may be I shall write a separate post about it.

In this new year, I wish that we can all stay healthy and happy! Til then,

Happy new year 2017! See you all next year!! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Miscellaneous notes 十二月杂记

Starting off with a portrait of myself =)

I had been wanting to shoot a series of portraits since long time ago but keep delaying due to time constraints. Then one day I told myself to not procrastinate anymore, just do it because life is too short! 😀
Personally I am satisfied with the whole set of photos, something cool, sensual, and mysterious for myself ;)
Some cannot share la because a bit exposed so just showing one haha!

Ok la, one more =)

然后不知怎样有一天就za za lam 和摄影师约好日期和时间,顺便book了酒店房,就这样花了大概3小时完成了拍摄哈哈!(再不拍就老了啦!xD)
整体来说我很满意这次的特写!有甜美,耍酷,性感和神秘的fu~~ 有些不方便share所以就放两张好了嘻嘻!

Hubby celebrated his big 33th birthday last month, he is a very low profile person so as usual, we did not had anything grand, just a small cake cutting and birthday song singing session at home.

Thanks for everything my darling, the kids and I love you deep deep!!

Parents in law were away one weekend so instead of going out, we had a few friends invited to our place for a steamboat night. The kids had fun!
Love this photo! I hope these kids grow up becoming good friends just like their daddies and mummies! <3
(Poor Toby kena bully by his brother xD) 

There's a fun fair at town, brought the kids there to enjoy and sweat

I got Aden participated in a dancing class recently, this was his first class, he was kinda shy at first but overall I think he enjoyed.
Too bad, when I brought him there the following week, he refused to go in, and so we had to leave. This boy of mine sure is very hard to predict =_= 😂

 不过很可惜,第二堂课他就没兴趣参与了,一直拉着我说要回家 :(
我也不懂为什么。。。 没关系啦,没兴趣的就不必勉强~~

He will be 5 next year, time to go to kindergarten! 
I am excited for him, can't wait to see him in his uniform, making friends and learning more things! But at the same time, I am worried too, I sure will miss the 24/7 moments spent with him. My boy grown up already!! But he will always be my big baby <3 
 明年开学就正式上幼儿园了 !

He was down with cough and flu 2 weeks ago, he used to cry very badly when taking the nebuliser when he was younger but now no more, big boy liao la! ;)

Little brother Toby still that naughty, and a cry baby still~ Super clingy to me!!
But can see he is slightly smarter than his big brother at the same age.... 😎

My life is still pretty much surrounded by these 2 boys, they are of course my top priority. I am working on to give them the best!

I just hope both will grow up into best buddies! 

A bit of fighting and bullying is unavoidable, just don't make things serious can already, LOL! 😛

When it wasn't raining on Sunday evening, we will usually bring the kids to Taiping Lake Garden, a beautiful place for the young and old~

I managed to steal a few hours time to Penang with my friend Vanus last Wednesday, while the kids were under my mum's care. Gosh I can't even remember when was the last time I went shopping peacefully!! 
But as much as I enjoyed shopping and high tea-ing without them, I missed them a lot too! I am such a dilemma mummy haha!

First time dining at Miraku G Hotel, quite nice!

 I just came back from Hatyai last weekend, a very rush trip instead, just stayed a night there, not many pictures taken, busy shopping, chasing the kids, and not forgetting massaging!! 
 今年年头飞了一趟曼谷就没再飞了 T_T

And this is the last photo taken of me and my long hair~~ 

And this is my new look to welcome the new year~ 😘
Chopped off my 5" hair. Friends said I am very geng because I din't even hesitate before I cut them off. Actually I thought of this a few times because I am bored with the hairstyle already, hair will grow anyway =)

Not sure what you think but my head feels so much lighter! And short hair is much more easier to manage, and I don't have to worry Toby will pull my hair anymore LOL! 
Of course it take some times to get used to new look la~~ Kekeke~

Year end is sure an auspicious time to get married! Attended a friend's wedding reception last weekend with my boyfriend ^^ 
 年尾都是嫁娶的好日子!上个星期出席了朋友的婚宴,趁机跟老公拍拖一下 ;)

Will be heading to KL this weekend, anyone care for a meet up?😊
Here wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!
 我会南下KL走走, 有人想见见面吗?^^

Monday, December 19, 2016

Awesome deals!

Hi! If you don't remember, I actually own a small online business which consists of beauty products as well as some health products ;)
View the updated post HERE.

This month there is some Christmas promotion which I think is very worth to invest on snd I wanna share it here.

Scroll down if you are interested.

1. Return Legacy Christmas gift set

A very nice looking gift set which contain of one bottle of 60ml H+, one 20ml activator hydro, one Fresh cleanser foam and 2 pieces of hydrating masks.
This set is worth only RM 160!

The term is to purchase/maintain RL products worth RM 425 and above ;) Don't be shocked to see the price, do the maths and you'll agree with me that it's a super deal!

2. TangBeiBei brown sugar trial packs worth only RM 25!! The trial pack includes a wooden spoon and 4 different flavors of handmade brown sugar (Rose, Ginger, Red Dates which are fixed, and another flavor you can choose between Osmanthus or Herbs).

This brown sugar are originated from Yunnan, available in 6 flavors for different functions.
It's suitable for both male and female, even for kids (with recommended consumption), young and old. The main functions are for general health, just take a cup every morning and you'll see the difference, it's way healthier and better than your ordinary teh peng or kopi peng xD 

The trial pack is perfect for those who wanna try this brown sugar but don't wanna buy a full bottle

The taste is just nice because it's not too sweet, unlike other brown sugar drink. 

This month promotion: buy two bottles (RM 176, 24 cubes) and get a glass thermos for FREE! 

3. Amask gold and stem cell mask
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Usually I provide free shipping and free gifts for my customers (with terms of course).

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Thanks for reading!